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Enlarge Map Huntington Botanical Gardens - Sensor Web 3.0
Building on the successful deployment in 2000 of Sensor Web 2 at the Huntington Botanical Gardens, Sensor Web 3.0 represented a new milestone in this emerging technology. The individual sensor pods were more environmentally robust, consumed significantly less power, and were more user flexible than their predecessors. Each pod measured light levels, air temperature and humidity, with optional measurements of soil temperature and soil moisture. In addition, battery levels for each pod could be monitored for diagnostic purposes.

A significant new feature in the Sensor Web 3.0 system was the addition of a web interface to allow remote viewing of Streaming, Real-Time Data Graphs from fielded Sensor Webs. This location was the first Sensor Web deployment to utilize this new feature.

Deployed October 29, 2001, this Sensor Web ran continuously for nearly 10 months before being replaced by the newer Sensor Web 3.1 technology.

See a map [high-resolution, low-resolution] of the pod locations.

Greenhouse Pod 3 in Propogation Greenhouse Pod 4 in Carniverous Bog
A moist greenhouse Propagation greenhouse Carnivorous bog
Dry desert greenhouse Pod 9 in desert greenhouse Pod 15 in nursery
A dry greenhouse Desert greenhouse Nursery