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Article Source
PDF Format SensorWare Systems, Inc. wins award at Port of Los Angeles Tech Expo 2010 (09/15/10) PortTechLA
SensorWare Systems, Inc. selected as one of 6 finalists in the International 2009 Crowded Places Challenge (01/10) Global Security Challenge
PDF Format SensorWare Systems, Inc. selected as one of America's Top Five Security Start-Ups (08/26/08) Global Security Challenge
The Sensor Web: Distributed Sensing for Collective Action (07/06) Sensors
Editorial: Go Toward the Light—and Hurry! (07/19/06) Sensors
PDF Format UC Merced senses need for accurate snow depth (05/12/05) Modesto Bee
Researchers Find Accurate Mountain Snow Data Using NASA-developed Sensor Webs (05/10/05) University of California, Merced
PDF Format NASA Creates Thinking RF Sensors (10/04/04) RFID Journal
The Sensor Web: A Distributed, Wireless Monitoring System (04/04) Sensors
PDF Format Sensing the World (10/03) Digit
Meet NASA's Sensor Web (08/08/03)
PC Magazine
PDF Format Casting the Wireless Sensor Net (07/03) Technology Review
PDF Format Caltech Scientist Seeks Market to Grow Wireless Sensor System (07/07/03) LA Business Journal
Sensor Web monitors rare bloom at Huntington Botanical Gardens (08/02/02) Voice of America
PDF Format JPL-developed monitoring technology tested at Kennedy Space Center (08/02) Spaceport News
PDF Format Sensor Webs are Virtual Explorers (06/01) Innovation
Garden variety telecom devices look heavenward (04/01) Laser Focus World
Sensor Webs for smart data collection (03/26/01) Design News
PDF Format Off-World Wide Web (09/00) Wired
PDF Format Invasion of the Sensor Pods (06/29/00) Los Angeles Times
Back to the Garden: NASA Goes From Plants to Planets (06/13/00) NASA Release