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Sensor Web Briefings & Papers

The Sensor Web: Advanced Technology for Situational Awareness
by Kevin A. Delin and Edward Small
In "Wiley Handbook of Science and Technology for Homeland Security,"
John G. Voeller (Editor), John Wiley & Sons, 2009
Environmental Studies with the Sensor Web: Principles and Practice
by Kevin A. Delin, Shannon P. Jackson, David W. Johnson, Scott C. Burleigh, Richard R. Woodrow, J. Michael McAuley, James M. Dohm, Felipe Ip, Ty P.A. Ferré, Dale F. Rucker, and Victor R. Baker
Sensors, Vol. 5, 2005, pp. 103-117
Sensor Webs in the Wild
by Kevin A. Delin
In "Wireless Sensor Networks: A Systems Perspective,"
N. Bulusu and S. Jha, (eds.), Artech House, 2005
Sensor Web for Spatio-Temporal Monitoring of a Hydrological Environment
by K.A. Delin, S.P. Jackson, D.W. Johnson, S.C. Burleigh, R.R. Woodrow, M. McAuley, J.T. Britton, J.M. Dohm, T.P.A. Ferré, Felipe Ip, D.F. Rucker, and V.R. Baker
Presented at the 35th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference,
League City, TX, March 2004
The JPL Sensor Webs Project: Fielded Technology
by Kevin A. Delin, Shannon P. Jackson, Scott C. Burleigh, David W. Johnson, Richard R. Woodrow, and Joel T. Britton
Presented at Space Mission Challenges for Information Technology,
Pasadena, CA, July 2003
Sensor Web in Antarctica: Developing an Intelligent, Autonomous Platform for Locating Biological Flourishes in Cryogenic Environments
by K.A. Delin, R.P. Harvey, N.A. Chabot, S.P. Jackson, Mike Adams, D.W. Johnson, and J.T. Britton
Presented at the 34th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference,
Houston, TX, March 2003
The Sensor Web: A Macro-Instrument for Coordinated Sensing
by Kevin A. Delin
Sensors, Vol. 2, 2002, pp. 270-285
(Subsequently translated into the Russian journal Sensors & Systems, pp. 53-64, April 2003.)
The Sensor Web: A New Instrument Concept
by Kevin A. Delin and Shannon P. Jackson
Presented at the SPIE Symposium on Integrated Optics,
San Jose, CA, January 2001
Sensor Web for In Situ Exploration of Gaseous Biosignatures
by Kevin A. Delin and Shannon P. Jackson
IEEE 2000 Aerospace Conference Proceedings,
Vol. 7, 18-25 March 2000 pp. 465 - 472
Sensor Web Technology appears in
NASA Tech Brief, October 1999